Working With Goddess Kali For Self-Empowerment

Working with Goddess Kali can tremendously accelerate your spiritual growth and help you see those blind spots in your being that need clearing and transformation.
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Working with Goddess Kali is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are looking to transform yourself at the deepest level, and dig into your shadows and fake social masks, then it may be the right time for you to start working with her.

I have worked with Kali for more than ten years, especially when I was living in India. I often felt her magnetic energy guiding me through my spiritual transformation, along with her beloved Lord Shiva.

I guess Goddess Kali has become so popular nowadays as more and more people are ready to change, to go deep, transform their inherited patterns, and awaken to their true selves.

If you are one of us, ready to face your darkness wherever it leads you, then this article will take you on a journey of discovery to meet the powerful energy of Goddess Kali. 

I want to mention that just writing this article pulled me back into her energy and activated me at the deepest level, so now it’s your turn.

Get ready to be activated! With love 🙂

  1. Who is Indian Goddess Kali Ma?
  2. How does Hindu Goddess Kali help?
  3. Working with Goddess Kali through meditation
  4. Working with Goddess Kali through channeling

1. Who is Indian Goddess Kali Ma?

Goddess Kali Ma is known as the Goddess of time, change, life and death, and destruction.

Just like her masculine counterpart Lord Shiva, they destroy what no longer serves us and keep us away from our Truth and our connection with the Divine. 

Although destruction can be scary for most of us who fear change, it is necessary to give birth to the new.

Coming from Hindu mythology, Kali is a fierce mother and protector, ready for any battle, armed with her sword; she fears no evil as she is the queen of darkness.

Kali is the destroyer of our dark side, our shadows, that we can’t see or do not wish to see. 

She is wild, powerful, and loving as any mother would be, and when you start working with her, you need to get ready to see all of the lies and masks your ego may have built as a result of a long and deep conditioning process.

In that sense, the dark Goddess Kali is an awakener; her mission is to shed light on our darkness to set us free and help us progress towards enlightenment.

By working with Kali, you may well stop being polite to those who push your boundaries and try to manipulate you, consciously or unconsciously. 

Because Kali is the wild power of the Divine Feminine inside all of us (male or female), when you work with Goddess Kali Ma, you start to be in touch with the warrior inside you.


She may sometimes have a bad reputation because of how she’s depicted with her scary face and a necklace made out of cut heads, but the Goddess of death is only here to cut the head of our ego and the false masks we hide behind.

Kali may scare people with her energy and visual representation; still, shadow workers understand that only facing our darkness can bring us to our inner light and a real, lasting transformation.

Working with Goddess Kali can teach you that everything in life is a cycle and that we must let go of the old to give place for the new to emerge, as frightening as it can be. 

2. How does Hindu Goddess Kali help?

Working with Goddess Kali can help your spiritual growth in many ways, but the essence of her task is to empower people.

The masks our ego has built to fit into society create the darkness inside us because our true Divine essence doesn’t need these masks, so it creates an inner interference and makes our life quite uncomfortable until we change.

Often our ego created these masks out of fear of being true to ourselves, maybe because it didn’t feel safe in our family, school, or society to be real, raw, wild, weird, or authentic.

Maybe speaking our truth was not even an option in the environment where you were brought up. 

In that case, the ego takes control and creates these fake masks to conform to what our family, friends, or society expects us to be, think, act, or look like.

And THIS is precisely Kali’s field. 


By working with her, you will start to get in touch with your wild side, the untamable part of you that knows what to do, when, and how, and who doesn’t need validation from the outside.

Kali can bring up the part of you that can set firm boundaries, take back its power, and fight when your limits are not respected.

Kali can help anyone struggling with victim consciousness as she wants us to take responsibility for our lives, stand in our power, and fight for our integrity instead of blaming the world around us for our suffering.

Like the energy of Archangel Michael, she is a warrior of Authenticity and Truth, and both of these great beings use their swords to cut through the bullshit (literally).

So that you can be yourself again. So that you can be as weird as you wish. Tell your truth when you want, as you want, as all awakened human beings can do.

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Kali helps us to become rebels and anti-conformists, which doesn’t mean that we won’t fit in society anymore, but that we will think for ourselves because we will know ourselves and our limits.

Kali can also help you with any fears you’re dealing with, for example, the fear of change, the fear of moving out of your comfort zone, the fear of not succeeding, the fear of not having enough, or the fear of following your dreams.

This is why she is such a great ally to have on your side, because life is made of unexpected challenges thrown at us here and there, and our mission as players of the Divine game is to become stronger in our will and determination.

If you are ready to step up in your life and become as real as it gets with yourself and others, then working with Kali may well be your best bet.

And last but not least, just like Archangel Michael, you may call on her to use her sword to help you release toxic attachments from the past.

3. Working with Goddess Kali through meditation

Another way to connect with Goddess Kali is through meditation. You may lie down or sit comfortably, invoke her presence during your meditation, and let her guide your meditation.

You can undoubtedly receive many insights, visions, or sensations. Embrace all that comes, and repeat the process as long as you want to work with her energy.

And if you want to let Kali guide you, we have channeled a powerful meditation guided by Kali herself that will connect you directly with her energy, wisdom, and power.

4. Working with Goddess Kali through channeling

If you don’t know what channeling is, you may think of it as direct communication with the Goddess so that you can ask any question and receive answers directly from Kali.

To channel higher beings, you may need to understand the process and open your channel to be able to tune into the energy of this great being and receive information, like a radioreceptor.

You may learn more about channeling in the following article, which describes how to channel higher beings, where I dive into greater details about the channeling process.

But below I will describe two ways you can start channeling Kali’s insights and energy in your daily life.

– Working with Goddess Kali through Journaling

As a start, you may simply use a journal and write down any question you have for her. Then, close your eyes and observe what is coming through your senses. 

It could be visions, sensations, words, or colors; anything you notice will be a sign of your communication with the Goddess.

Try not to judge mentally what arises, and write down any helpful information you receive. Writing is an excellent way to learn to channel, but you need to trust yourself and what you receive.

– Working with Goddess Kali through Art

In order to channel Kali’s energy through art, you may choose any artistic medium you are comfortable with. After invoking the presence of the Goddess, trust your intuition and let your body movements express what you receive.

You may experiment with channeling Kali’s energy through dance, painting, music, poetry, or even creating a unique piece of jewelry.

Your intent to receive her energy through your being will be translated into your artwork, making it so powerful.

You can get really creative with artistic channeling and experiment with as many different mediums as you like.

Kali Yantra

What’s Next?

Now that you have tasted the Dark Goddess’ energy, you may want to take some time to digest and integrate her energy, lying down on a couch or a bed, and see what arises within you. Because Kali is not discreet, to say the least, you may feel her energy quite distinctly.

And if you want to go deeper and work with higher beings, I invite you to explore our Mystery School training, where you can receive sacred initiations directly from Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other light beings.

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