Who Is Archangel Raphael, The Divine Healer

Archangel Raphael is famous for his great healing power and can be of great help to support and guide us to heal anything or anyone in our life.
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who is archangel raphael

Learning who is archangel Raphael and how to work with his healing gifts can give you massive support in your daily life, whether you or a loved one needs healing.

Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God heals,” speaks for itself. When working with this archangel, you have direct access to highly effective healing energies.

I have been working as an intuitive channel with higher beings like archangels for many years now and especially within our Mystery School, so I have decided for this article to ask directly to Archangel Raphael how he helps humans to heal, and here are his answers.

  1. How Archangel Raphael can Help? 
  2. Physical and Emotional Healing 
  3. Healing Relationships
  4. Helping Healers 
  5. Helping Children 
  6. Helping Travelers
  7. What are the signs of Archangel Raphael? 

1. How Archangel Raphael can help? 

There are many ways in which I can help, especially in the healing field, as I embody Divine Love and use light technologies to heal any ailments, pain, or dis-ease you may have. 

You may call upon me to support, heal or guide a healing process that you or someone close to you may need.

I can provide any treatment to humans, animals, or objects in your reality, as for me, physical matter can be easily transformed and shaped to retrieve an ideal and healthy form.

I work with a powerful tool called the Green flame, which you can invoke to heal yourself or someone else, clear a space, or repair anything in your reality. Green is the frequency of the heart, the frequency of Divine Love, and nothing is more powerful than Divine love to heal.

For humans, depending on your needs, I can heal the physical, the emotional, the mental, or the spiritual body, as I have access to the subtlest layers of your being and can repattern and remodel any dysfunction.

I also take great care about your planet, the Earth, and influence as much as I can people who are sensitive to me to act to heal and clean the Earth. 

My Divine function as a healer also makes me naturally committed and dedicated to supporting anyone on the path of healing others, whether they are doctors, nurses, healers, or anyone caring and serving humanity to feel better.

who is archangel raphael

I can provide healing in many ways, and depending on the “case,” I will interfere differently, following the Divine Plan, the person’s free will, and what her body is ready to let go of at this moment.

From the miraculous, spontaneous healing that instantly cures to a more gradual, subtle intervention with different steps that I guide, if you call upon me, you just have to trust and have faith that I will offer healing, providing you are ready and willing to accept this healing. 

Some of you may ask for my help but are not ready to change what is needed in the process, which may block the healing process. 

So you may want to ask yourself if, deep down, you do really want to heal. 

If I feel any resistance from you, be ready to receive guidance in the form of insights or signs that will appear in your reality that I will send to trigger a breakthrough moment that will make you realize what you may not want or be able to see.

2. Physical and Emotional Healing 

As you may already know, any physical disease comes from energetic blocks located in your subtle bodies. 

When you call upon me, I can act on any level of your being to release stuck energies that may cause your illness or pain. 

Emotional pain is the most significant cause of suffering on Earth, as humans are usually quite disconnected from their emotional nature. Most human beings tend to repress emotions as they might be too intense to endure.

If you would feel and be in touch with your emotions at every given moment, you would be in perfect health. Your aura would be radiant and powerful as energies would move through you freely, without being blocked, like the flow of a river.

Again, e-motions, or “energy in motion” are made to move freely within yourself. Still, the wounds you get on your life path create blocks in your energetic field that disconnect you from feeling the emotional pain again and again as protection.

who is archangel raphael

Feeling the pain is essential for healing to happen and to release the stuck energy that acts as a hook in your field, which constantly attracts painful situations repeatedly until you release this energy.

You may call upon me and ask to clear and release any emotion that causes suffering or illness in your life. 

Humanity, especially in the modern world, tends to be stressed and anxious due to unconscious fears of not being enough, not having enough, or not doing enough.

This stress is like poison to your being, and unless you take the necessary steps to change your limiting beliefs and release this stress regularly, through meditation, sport, or activities that promote relaxation of the body and mind, then you accumulate stress and anxiety which will eventually transform in a physical disease at some point. 

Depending on your weak points, the disease will manifest itself differently, such as a flu, a bad cough, or more severe conditions if you have repeatedly avoided to heal your being.

You may see any disease as a great opportunity to cleanse your beings from toxins that you have accumulated in your body and mind, and when you approach illness consciously, as a healing crisis, you may experience significant breakthroughs and quantum leaps in consciousness.

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3. Healing Relationships

It is also essential for you to know that beyond promoting a healthy relationship with your inner world, I can also help you heal any dysfunctioning relationships with a loved one or someone you may have trouble with.

Know that your “External” relationships mirror the “internal” relationship you have with yourself. 

So if you experience challenges with your partner or some people in your life, which may trigger anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety, or any other negative reactions within yourself, you may first learn to take responsibility for this problem that appears in your life.

Human beings tend to blame others for their pain when there face a conflict in their lives.

But as soon as you start to blame anyone or anything in your reality, you begin to separate yourself from your Truth, from God, the Source of the Creator.

This separation causes tremendous stress on your being, and because of this inner separation, your body reacts and creates toxins that eventually can be harmful to you and cause illness.

The critical key here is responsibility and forgiveness.

who is archangel raphael

Yes, I can come at any time to help you heal anything, but the main guidance that I will always try to share with you will always be about responsibility and forgiveness. 

You are responsible for your body, mind, relationships, the Earth, and anything that is part of your reality because you are a co-creator of everything you see and experience in your daily life.

And if you wish to heal anything, with or without my help, you need to develop your capacity to forgive. This is the most powerful weapon you have against any disease.

If anyone hurts you or has caused you great pain in the past, whatever might be the cause, forgiveness is essential for you to be free and healthy in the present.

Although some situations might be extreme and, you may say, impossible to forgive, you should know that as long as you keep any trace of blame, anger, or any negative thoughts about someone or something in your reality, you are creating an energy leak which causes your inner power to decrease.

This is why it is crucial to learn to forgive, even the impossible. Train your muscle of forgiveness, especially in the darkest places of your life, and you will attract the Divine Blessings that have been waiting for you.

As your life is designed precisely in this way. You attract challenging experiences to grow your capacity to be responsible and forgive to become more mature, wise, and “enlightened.”

This is the game you have chosen to play when you have incarnated in this life, and I am just here to remind you of the rules of that game. 

Responsibility and forgiveness.

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4. Helping Healers 

Another role that I gladly take on is to help those of you who are working to heal and help people on Earth to feel better.

It can be doctors, nurses, holistic therapists, or anyone caring for others.

I am always here to help those who choose to improve the health of others, and you may call upon me to receive guidance and insights for your career or the treatments you offer.

I will gladly help you attract the best clients you need according to your healing abilities, as I also guide people who suffer to find the best health practitioners for them. As I could say with a dash of humor, I am a healing match-maker.

If you are building a career in the healing field, you can ask for my guidance to know the most efficient steps you can take to accelerate your career towards success.

And if you are already a healing practitioner, you may call upon me to access the vast amount of healing techniques and knowledge that I have. I will always provide you with the most relevant information or technique for your client’s specific issue.

who is archangel raphael

In addition to asking for my help or guidance, you may invoke the green flame of love and healing, which I am the guardian of. The green flame is a powerful tool you can use to heal any pain or disease.

It is a source of pure Divine Love that can transform, release, or heal any block. You may invoke it, visualize or imagine it where your client needs healing.

For example, if your client has a heart problem, whether physical or emotional, imagine a green light surrounding the heart for as long as you feel necessary. 

Healers may use the Green flame creatively for any healing purpose and will undoubtedly acknowledge the transformative power it provides. 

5. Helping Children 

I place special attention on children as their purity and sensitivity make them highly vulnerable to the density of your world, the heavy conditioning of human consciousness, and the emotional soup they are usually forced to deal with from early age.

Children are especially receptive to my healing interventions whenever they or you, as parents, call upon me for help. 

The youngest can usually see or feel me quite clearly as their clairvoyance abilities are still intact, and they can feel great support to have me around when they suffer.

If your child is suffering from any physical pain, illness, fear, stress, or other emotional or mental disturbance, please call upon me to surround your child with a warm blanket of love. 

You may also invoke the Green flame and visualize it surrounding your child or any part of your child in need.

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6. Helping Travelers

Whether you have the soul of an adventurer or not, I am known as the Patron of travelers so that I can help you with any part of your journey.

It can be a short or long distance journey or an inner journey, as I also help the spiritual seekers on their inner path of healing and self-discovery.

For your journeys in the world, you may call upon me to facilitate your moves. Just call upon my help and support before your trip, and ask that I arrange a smooth and peaceful journey for you.

Journeys can be pretty stressful experiences for some of you with the stress they can bring. So I can help you remain peaceful and release the tension you may have at any point in your journey.

Just ask, and you shall receive. I am very creative at helping people find their way and arrange difficult situations that arise on their path. Don’t hesitate to ask, and just follow the signs I send you.

7. What are the signs of Archangel Raphael?

Ideas and Insights

When we work together, you will know when you receive new ideas, flashes of insights, and information for healing or supporting your path as a healer. If you take the time to observe and be in the present, you will see the signs and the steps you need to take to move forward on your path.


After you ask for my help, you may also see me appearing in your dreams as it is a simple way to communicate, heal and meet your energetic body, freed from the density of the physical world. You may ask for my support before going to bed, especially for healing, as when you sleep, it is easier for your being to receive and integrate high-frequency healing.


I will often send you guidance by placing a book on your path that you may not expect. Books are a great way to gain perspective on an issue you may face and potential solutions to heal yourself.

So when you call upon me, be aware! A friend may tell you about a book, or you may see a title that attracts your attention; follow your intuition, and you will find the answers you need for your next step.

Green light 

As I work with the Green flame of Divine love, you may become more aware of this color while walking in nature; for example, everything can become more vibrant than usual. Feel my energy through nature and plants; it is the pure energy of love and the creator and is undoubtedly the most powerful healer.

who is archangel raphael

Signs and synchronicities

I may also use all kinds of signs to guide you, like license plates or messages that you can come across throughout your day.

What’s Next?

Now that you know who is Archangel Raphael and how to work with him, you may want to go further and discover our Mystery school initiations or our channeled healing session library, where we take you on a healing and magical journey with archangels, ascended masters and other beings of light. See you there!

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