Who are the 12 Ascended Masters, and How They Help?

Meet 12 of the most famous Ascended Masters to learn about their roles and how you can receive their support to grow spiritually and ease your daily life.
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“Who are the 12 Ascended Masters?” is a question that I often hear, and although there are many more Ascended Masters than twelve, I will introduce you to the 12 most “famous” ones (may the others forgive me for that :).

As a quick reminder, Ascended Masters are extraordinary beings who have gone through the tough initiations of the Earth School and now occupy an important role in the spiritual hierarchy to help humanity ascend.

Together with my wife Maria, and within our Mystery School training, we work closely with these beings of light who provide profound healing, guidance, and high-frequency energies that we could not access elsewhere.

After ten years of regularly communicating and working with these masters, I have come to feel their different energies and ask for their precious guidance and support whenever I need it.

In this article, you will meet 12 of the most powerful Ascended Masters and how you can work with their energies to ease your spiritual growth and daily life.

> Please note that you may find different information about the Ascended Masters on other websites, but I have combined extensive research amongst the best channels I know and my personal experience to provide you with the information that resonates the most with my heart. Feel free to read, integrate and keep what resonates with yours.

  1. El Morya, Master of Divine Will
  2. Sananda, World Teacher
  3. Kuthumi, Master Teacher
  4. Djawal Khul, Master Teacher
  5. Serapis Bey, Master of Intelligence and Manifestation
  6. Paul the Venitian, Master of Arts, Beauty, and Harmony
  7. Hilarion, Master of Truth
  8. Lanto, Master of Purity and Devotion
  9. Saint Germain, Master of Alchemy and the Mind
  10. Sanat Kumara, Lord of the World
  11. Lord Gautama the Buddha, Master of Peace and Balance
  12. Lord Maitreya, Master of the Christ Consciousness

El Morya, Master of Divine Will

El Morya is an Ascended Master who was recently introduced to the world by the famous Madame Blavatsky, who started channeling him in the 1880s. 

It is said that El Morya was the Maharaj of Kashmir in 1858 and that his real name on Earth was Ranbir Singh.

El Morya is the Master, or Chohan, of the first ray of Divine Will, with Archangel Michael and her feminine counterpart, Archangel Faith, distributing the creator’s plans through the spiritual hierarchy. 

As Archangel Michael is well-known for his protecting skills, you may also call Master El Morya to place a shield of protection in your auric field to keep you safe from problems and psychic attacks. 

You may also invoke Master El Morya to ground, receive more energy, motivation, drive, determination, and focus, and ask him to help you follow through with your goals and higher path.

Master El Morya will assist you in keeping your faith strong and staying on target so you can follow the higher plan contained within your Soul. 

master sananda

Sananda, World Teacher

Master Sananda is quite famous for his past incarnation as Adam, Jesus, or Melchizedek. 

Originally from the planet Venus, he embodies the purest frequency of Love from this planet and is a pillar of the Christ Consciousness, which he shares with humanity as a World Teacher.

Also known for his past work as Master of the 6th ray of Devotion, Sananda now helps all souls on Earth to awaken to love, peace, and tranquility, by sharing his love and wisdom.

His new role as World teacher allows him to oversee the educational progress of humanity, assisting spiritual seekers and all other souls on Earth to grow.

We may ask his assistance to receive his enlightened frequency, to ask him to illuminate our mind, our being, and our life; his extraordinary healing abilities can help us transform any blocks.

Sananda uses Love to help release negative energies and emotions, like fear, guilt, or sadness, so that we can embody more love, awaken our soul’s wisdom, and unlock the Divine within us.

Working with Sananda daily can bring tremendous results as his frequency is profoundly healing and transformative, and so loving.

Kuthumi, Master Teacher

According to Theosophical researchers, Kuthumi is the pseudonym for a Sikh spiritual leader named Sirdar Singh Sadhanwali, who lived on Earth in the 1800s.

The famous Madame Blavatsky met him in India and continued to receive his messages after his death which she shared with the world through her books.

Also known for his past incarnations as Saint Francis of Assisi and Pythagoras, he is one of the most loving spiritual teachers, firmly devoted to Earth, humanity, and his students.

He is associated with the second ray of Divine Love and is known for his unique role as a World Teacher alongside Sananda.

He is known to care about his students deeply and anyone who invoke his loving and kind presence and wisdom.

According to channel Natalie Glasson, Kuthumi now would have relocated to the Sirius star in an advancement school, a place of learning for Ascended Masters who want to climb the ladder of the spiritual hierarchy.

Kuthumi can help us to keep our focus and dedication to follow our life’s higher purpose, set priorities, and help organize our schedule in a balanced way. 

Kuthumi is also the one to call if you wish to develop and expand your channeling abilities, so you can receive his guidance more clearly and connect with other light beings.

In her Ascended Master’s book, Doreen Virtue also states that Kuthumi can help children with troubled souls adjust to Earth life.

Djwhal Khul, Master Teacher

Master Djwhal Khul lived on Earth as a Tibetan monk alongside his beloved friend, Kuthumi, and Master El Morya. They were the famous three wise men at the birth of Jesus.

He became well known amongst lightworkers thanks to the work of Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, who channeled more than 24 books of his teachings.

His work as an Ascended Master is greatly focused on helping lightworkers in their ascension process. 

Known as a master of ancient wisdom, he has a profound understanding and knowledge of any spiritual matters.

He was Master of the second ray for some time, sharing the Love and wisdom of the Creator on Earth, and now acts as a World Teacher alongside Sananda.

Master Djwhal Khul can help you expand your minds and your spiritual gifts, and he also has excellent healing abilities, which you can access by invoking his name and asking for what you need.

You may also ask to access his ashram during nighttime so you can receive new codes, teachings, and healing from the Master.

Serapis Bey, Master of Intelligence and Manifestation

Master Serapis Bey was named after an Egyptian God of the underworld, Serapis, who was in charge of the ascension process. 

Serapis Bey is said to govern the third ray of Divine Intelligence under the direction of Saint Germain.

The third ray is of yellow color and is part of the first three major rays of light that influence all other rays (Will, Love, and Intelligence)

Serapis Bey and the third Ray can help people ascend through spiritual enlightenment, removing negative thought patterns to refine the mind so we can manifest more easily.

Master Serapis Bey also has a passion for beauty and can provide guidance to have a healthier lifestyle and good physical conditions.

He also helps artists, painters, and musicians with their creative projects to tap into the Creator’s beauty through their minds.

The mind is his focus, and he can help to declutter it and release the control of the ego so that our mind becomes more free and efficient.

Through his work of healing and expanding the mind, his main goal is to help us become more receptive and manifest the Divine plan on Earth.

Paul the Venitian, Master of Arts, Beauty, and Harmony

Also known as Paul of Venus, Paul the Venitian is an Ascended Master embodying the pure energy of love, beauty, and harmony from the planet Venus, similarly to Sananda.

Master Paul the Venitian is famous for his past incarnations as Paul Veronese and Michelangelo.

He is the master, or Chohan, of the fourth ray of beauty, harmony, creativity, and the Arts, for his abilities to infuse our minds with the creator’s love into our craft.

He is helping us to develop the right side of our brain so that we can widen our access to Divine creativity and receive the beauty that is held within our Soul.

He can also help us with our projects, hobbies, and dreams to make them real so we can share the uplifting frequency of the fourth ray with humanity and inspire others in the process.

Paul the Venitian works alongside Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Hope to help us heal and restore our inner sense of peace and harmony.

Hilarion, Master of Truth

Master Hilarion is known as a Master of Truth and is mainly connected to the scientific community and all seekers of Truth, whether scientific or spiritual.

He is a specialist in the science of the Soul, and as Master of the fifth ray of light, he helps humanity to ascend and embody light.

He works with a team of scientific Masters, researching new tools, knowledge, and practices to help humanity evolve and ascend.

You may ask him to illuminate your mind, dissolve confusion, remove obstacles that prevent you from seeing the Truth, and provide enlightened solutions to your problems, as he is a Master problem-solver.

He can also help to receive Divine inspiration for your scientific or spiritual projects so that your work is aligned with the Divine plan and provides the highest benefits for all.

You may invoke his help to integrate the Soul within the body or to understand how your Soul works and how to use it to enhance your reality on all levels.

You may also ask him to receive new spiritual practices that will personally support and accelerate your awakening process.

Master Hilarion works on the fifth ray of light alongside the Master healers Archangel Raphael and Archangel Mary.

Lanto, Master of Purity and Devotion

Lanto is an ancient Chinese Master known for his quality of deep devotion, who directs the sixth ray of light, of Indigo color, which is the ray of purity and devotion. 

He can help us understand and develop within us the quality of devotion so that we can become more receptive to this energy.

It can be devotion to the creator, our path, our higher purpose, and serving humankind and the Earth in the best possible way.

He can also help when we feel down or low in energy, if we lose faith in the creator or ourselves, and can realign our being with the Source.

Master Lanto helps us to integrate our Soul into our physical body and to connect us with greater aspects of love.

He works on this ray of light alongside Archangel Uriel and Archangel aurora.

Saint-Germain, Master of Alchemy and the Mind

Saint-Germain was named after a famous french royal count from the city of Saint-Germain. 

He also left his mark on the world in his past incarnation as Joseph, father of Jesus, Merlin, Shakespeare, Christopher Colombus, and Francis Bacon.

Saint Germain became known for his expertise in alchemy and the occult arts during his lifetime. It is said that he could turn lead into gold and that he developed the capacity to access immortality.

He was involved in founding different secret societies, including the Freemasons.

Known as the Master of the violet flame of transmutation and the seventh ray of light, we may now call upon the violet flame to burn any negative emotions, energies, or thought patterns, to purify our being.

> This is a very powerful flame to use, and it is strongly advised to also call in the golden light of the creator to cool down your being after using the violet fire.

Saint-Germain is especially beneficial to light workers or anyone whose mission is to cleanse the world so that he can provide guidance, protection, and courage with the help of Archangel Michael.

You may also ask Master Saint-Germain to help expand your mind and your spiritual skills, and he can be helpful for psychic protection and space clearing.

Sanat Kumara, Lord of the World 

Sanat Kumara, meaning “Eternal Youth”, is known as the great Guru, the Savior of the Earth, and one of Brahma’s four or seven sons.

He is said to come from the planet Venus where his twin flame Lady Venus, hierarch of Venus, resides.

According to ancient traditions, he came on Earth in her darkest hours with 144.000 other Souls and Masters from Venus to anchor the Christ consciousness and hold the light of the Creator.

He works alongside Jesus and archangel Michael to help the planet and humanity to ascend.

According to the Theosophical tradition, he is regarded as the Lord of the Earth and humanity and also had a role at the head of the spiritual hierarchy.

He can help with any type of healing work, to expand your spiritual knowledge, or for the process of enlightenment. 

lord Gautama the buddha

Lord Gautama the Buddha, Master of Peace and Balance

Siddhartha Gautama grew up as a wealthy prince, renounced his title after being touched by the poverty outside his golden walls, and he decided to leave the palace and wealth for a life of asceticism to help release the suffering of humanity.

He became Buddha under his famous tree, and since then, he has been teaching humanity to detach from suffering through inner peace and balance, the “Middle Way”, which is the foundation of Buddhism.

You may call upon him to bring balance to your life in any area you need, and Lord Buddha can also help you expand your sense of inner joy and peace, as well as help you grow in understanding and spiritually. 

lord maitreya

Lord Maitreya, Master of the Christ Consciousness

Lord Maitreya, “the Loving One,” is known as the laughing Buddha. He is believed to be the next Buddha, successor to Siddharta Gautama, to incarnate on Earth.

It was prophesized that between 4 to 5000 years after Gautama left the Earth, Maitreya would incarnate.

His central message is to enjoy yourself whatever you do and wherever you are, to laugh, sing and be like a child.

He currently assists our planet by overseeing and anchoring the Christ consciousness energy into the Earth, which is the energy of pure love from the Creator.

He is known as a world teacher of the christ consciousness and is associated with the second ray of Love with Master Jesus and Lord Buddha.

He is here to assist us in embodying the purest love within our beings and is especially helpful when we feel fearful or insecure.

He helps us to become channels of the Christ consciousness, and we may call upon him daily to anchor the golden light of the Christ Consciousness into our body and the heart of the Earth.

What’s Next?

Now, you may have a better understanding and “feeling” for these Masters and may resonate with some more than others.

Feel free to ask for their help as much as you need, and call on their name to try and get used to their specific energy and personality. This way, you will start building relationships with these exceptional beings and have your guides to support you through any challenge you meet in your life.

And if you wish to go deeper and work closely with Ascended Masters, archangels, and other light beings, I invite you to explore our Mystery School initiations, to start a profound journey of magic and transformation.

And if you wish to learn how to contact them, we have created a special guided meditation just for that:

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