What Is An Ascended Master? And How They Help?

Learning what is an Ascended Master can give us a better understanding of the spiritual hierarchy that makes our world evolve and the tremendous help they can provide to ease our path.
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“What is an Ascended Master?” is a recurring question that people often ask us when they participate in our sessions. So here we will share some knowledge about who they really are, and how they help humanity.

With my wife Maria, and within our Mystery School training, we work closely with these light beings who usually lead the sacred initiations we share with our lovely community. And the results and feedbacks we get after each session are pretty extraordinary and sometimes hard to believe, as these beings truly are miracle makers.

Ascended Masters always know precisely what your being needs at every given moment to grow or heal, and they are always ready to share their immense wisdom, guidance, and healing gifts with us.

Let’s now dive into the world of the Great Initiates!

  1. What does Ascension mean?
  2. Ascended Master meaning
  3. How many ascended masters are there?
  4. What is the role of Ascended Masters?
  5. What is the Great White Brotherhood?

1. What does Ascension mean?

As the term clearly states, an “Ascended Master” is a human being that has ascended from life on Earth to a higher spiritual plane, having mastered the rules of the physical plane and transmuted a significant part of their negative karma.

But to understand what is an Ascended Master, we must first learn about the Ascension process.

We all have heard about the ascension of Jesus or some other great Initiates throughout history. If we put any religious beliefs aside, it is interesting to understand the “science” behind the ascension process, as we all can follow it as human beings. 

Ascension is the process of becoming one with the Creator, the Source, God, or however you may call the Force that creates and pervades all. It is reuniting with your I am Presence.

More specifically, an individual can ascend when they have paid back a majority of their negative karma, thus purifying and synthesizing their physical body to the highest level and transforming their physical vehicle into light.

Ultimately, ascension is the highest destiny of every human being on Earth, as we are all in the process of a collective and personal purification, refining our beings at different speeds.

The more you purify your body and mind, the more light your being starts to emanate until you become only light, “enlightened”, and become free from the density of physical reality.

When the soul ascends, it is liberated from the karmic wheel of reincarnation and is no longer bound to Earth.

When the soul ascends, it starts a new phase of spiritual existence on a higher plane, with a vast network of other spiritual beings, including ascended masters, archangels, cosmic beings, or nature spirits.


2. Ascended Masters Meaning

An Ascended Master is someone who has mastered the lessons from the Earth school, escaped the wheel of reincarnation, and evolved into higher realms.

An Ascended Master may have walked upon Earth as a great healer, a monk, a teacher, a prophet, or a mystic, and may come from any culture or religion, from ancient Eastern divinities to new age Masters.

Amongst the most famous Ascended Masters are Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and other saints, goddesses, gods, bodhisattvas, devas, and other deities.

According to author Susan Shumsky, Ascended Masters are “Enlightened humans who have attained physical immortality by transforming their physical body into more refined, luminous, subtle material.”

They have attained the supreme state of spiritual enlightenment and have transformed their physical bodies into the finest physical material called Akasha, a Sanskrit word meaning ether or space.

Ascended Masters have burnt most of their seeds of karma, or seeds of desire (samskara), which pull human beings to reincarnate on Earth life after life, so they no longer need to reincarnate. 

They have achieved liberation and have transformed their physical body into a light body, free from the density of the physical world.


3. How many Ascended Masters are there?

Millions of Ascended beings have graduated from Earth school and have gained mastery over the material world. 

These great initiates left their mark on humanity by transcending their physicality and merging with the Source, or God.

These extraordinary beings, after their ascension, enter a new world of cosmic existence with new and different rules to master and choose how they want to serve the world in their new role, as some may wish to continue to serve humanity. Some may take another path in our vast universe.

4. What is the role of Ascended Masters?

When Ascended Masters are entirely free from negative karma, they can choose how and where they want to operate and serve the world.

Some of the Masters have such a great love for the Earth that they choose to keep helping humanity to ascend as teachers and guides. 

These are the Ascended Masters that commonly appear during channeling sessions, or in many other forms, like Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Kuthumi, El Morya, etc.

Those Masters who specifically help humanity are part of a group called the Great White Brotherhood, or Council of Light.

Masters who are part of the Great White Brotherhood may also be assigned to direct a specific ray of light or ray of consciousness.

From Theosophical texts and many other channels I came across, there are known as the seven rays of light. 

Each ray of Light is of a different color, with a different spiritual focus, and is directed by a specific Ascended Master, also called “Chohan” or “Lord” of the ray.

Other channels with more recent channeled work report that there are now 12 rays of light.

It is also interesting to know that while these Great beings dedicate all their hearts and souls to help us ascend, they also keep studying and expanding their consciousness to continue to evolve, even after their ascension.

Some of the Ascended Masters may even be students from greater cosmic beings in the spiritual hierarchy, with a higher level of consciousness, to continue their spiritual growth in the celestial realms.

5. What is the Great White Brotherhood?

Ascended Masters who decide to keep their focus on helping humanity to evolve form a group named the Great White Brotherhood, also called the Great White Lodge, or Council of Light.

The name “Great White Brotherhood” has nothing to do with skin color or race but is a reference to the pure white light that emanates from these beings. 

The Great White Lodge is part of the spiritual hierarchy, perfectly and harmoniously organized as ever-increasing levels of consciousness.

The Council of Light’s headquarters is said to be etherically located in the Himalayas, and every Ascended Master who directs a ray of light also has their etheric retreat or ashram in a different place around the world.

This spiritual fraternity’s primary goal is to raise humanity’s consciousness in various ways.

The brotherhood also includes students that have not ascended yet (probably you or me?), who may or may not be consciously aware of it but may have earned a place amongst the Masters to help anchor the Divine plan on Earth.

The Great White Brotherhood is highly structured and organized into many different councils with specific goals and tasks; all focused on raising humanity’s frequency.

What’s Next?

If you want to go deeper in your spiritual growth and work closely with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other Light Beings, I invite you to explore our Mystery School Training. We share sacred initiations led by these extraordinary beings, to help you reconnect with your soul gifts and highest mission, and much, much more…

And now that you better understand Ascended Masters, you may want to learn who the 12 most “famous” ones are or meet 10 of the most powerful female Ascended Masters and Goddesses

You may also want to learn how to contact Ascended Masters to receive their guidance and healing:

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  1. Thank you. I have a picture of my Ascended Master given to me in 2020. He is blond haired with beautiful blue eyes. I must have been told his name but just cannot remember it. I found the pic. Inside a prayer book when clearing out my books.
    Am sure I was guided to your page


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