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Ongoing program for conscious creators who want to align their lives and projects more fully with their higher purpose and mission, so they can avoid feeling limited or stuck in their current reality.

Dear Visionary,

Being spiritual entrepreneurs for more than 10 years now, both coming from a solid business background before that, we have always witnessed the separation between the spiritual and the physical world.

Spiritual people struggling to manifest their higher purpose in their lives. Or entrepreneurs struggling to connect to their higher purpose and vision. Both sides of the same coin.

We now feel that it is our duty to help creators bridge these two worlds so they can act from a place of integrity: spiritual people can finally give birth to their higher vision in the physical realm with more ease and become more prosperous, and those with great abilities to manifest on the material plane can open their vision to a much broader range of information and frequencies, so they can access a whole new level of experience.

This is why we decided to create the Quantum Lab Membership.

The main intention of this energetic container is to provide a space for transformation and growth, where conscious creators and entrepreneurs can expand the impact and prosperity of their heart-centred projects, by aligning their being and their projects with their highest divine blueprint.



Connect with a like-minded network of conscious creators & leaders 01
Bring a renewed and inspired vision to your LIFE & business structure 02
Expand your SELF-TRUST, YOUR authenticity & creative power 04
Receive guidance & inspiration DIRECTLY FROM higher realms 05
SharE new frequencies & IDEAS through your work 06
AcceleratE your growth ON ALL LEVELS 08
Clear deep karmic blocks 09
MAKE A Prosperity leap 10
Expand your impact 11


quantum lab_mystery school

— If you’re an ambitious creator, leader, or expert in your field and you feel limited or stuck in your current life or business experience.

— If you want to receive regular energetic upgrades to stay at the edge of human consciousness.

 If you want to reach new levels of potential and self-realisation by awakening your soul gifts and higher levels of intelligence and creative opportunities.

— If you feel a split between your material and spiritual life, and can’t find a way to unite them harmoniously.

— If you want to stay connected to a high-frequency healing space that will help you shift limiting beliefs and painful recurring scenarios in your life.

— If you want to increase your drive, your creative power and your impact in the world.

— If you want to have a clear heart and mind to act from a place of emotional and mental intelligence and integrity.

— If you want to build and develop a stronger sense of inner support, self-confidence and stability.


Maria Hoffmann

Channel, energetic healer, transdisciplinary artist

After ten years of experience in branding and PR for leading companies in luxury and fashion segments, Maria went through a deep journey of transformation and now embodies and shares her soul purpose as an energetic mentor and advisor.

Combining psychic abilities and advanced healing tools, her gift is to create a high-frequency space where visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators can reconnect to the energetic architecture of their highest self-realization. Maria acts as a portal that connects people to their true potential and activates their creator’s path.

She has been trained in many healing arts that complement her unique approach – meditation, sound healing, coaching, psychology, and art therapy – all this knowledge and tools are softly framed by her energy work with the Akashic field and higher realms.

Maria’s path is more than multifaceted, she has been a volunteer in orphanages for many years, conducted sessions in retirement houses, as well as doing private retreats in French castles, and worked with founders of multimillion-dollar businesses, celebrities, CEOs of IT companies, and corporate teams such as Microsoft.

maria hoffmann

Frederic Hoffmann

Channel, sound healer, sacred geometry artist, astrologer

Frederic has developed strong spiritual gifts and opened his channel through 10 years of Vipassana meditation and high initiations he received from different mystery schools.

He explored and lived in many places worldwide like India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Australia, Canada, Spain, Andorra, Greece, Cyprus, France, and England to widen his vision of life and work with various healers, shamans and masters on his path.

Today, Frederic uses his channeling abilities and healing gifts through astrology, sound, and sacred geometry to share powerful light codes and wisdom from other dimensions.

As his clients call him, this “modern shaman” has gone from a busy entrepreneur and artistic life in Paris to come to heal and awaken souls around the world through high-frequency work.


Persons Helped 


Years of Experience



Our method

Combining advanced energetic healing, universal wisdom, the power of sound and channeling, we have developed a unique technique of spiritual development over the last 10 years, by sharing our gifts with thousands of vision-driven creators and entrepreneurs around the world.

Our main focus is to create an etheric space for you to receive highly transformative frequencies from higher realms to help you realign with your divine blueprint so you can awaken hidden spiritual gifts, unlock your highest potential and access a whole new level of life experience. 

Acting as portals to higher dimensions, we give you unique access to work directly with the spiritual hierarchy who can help you release your deepest karmic blocks and accelerate your spiritual growth with such ease and grace.

During our activations, we also use our extended experience as sound therapists with alchemy crystal bowls and other instruments to facilitate a deeper healing process and the integration of these new frequencies into your being.

quantum lab_mystery school


2 new channeled activations per month

so you can receive regular energetic upgrades and guidance from higher realms to help you clear limiting patterns and unlock new possibilities in your life and your business.

2 new short ACTIVATIONS per month

that fit in a busy schedule so you can easily integrate a spiritual practice into your daily routine to keep your frequency high.

1 channeled sacred geometry code per month

to help you integrate new frequencies in your energetic field more deeply.


Get your questions answered anytime directly by Maria & Frederic so you’re able to move through doubts, fears or other struggles you may encounter with more ease and clarity and feel supported at all stages of your transformation process.

BONUS 1: The Quantum Activation Library

This gives you access to all our activations and sacred geometry codes so you’re able to target and clear any block or limiting pattern you may be struggling with and unlock hidden gifts to access a whole new level of creative opportunities and personal power.

BONUS 2: The QUANTUM LAB Community

This private group allows you to connect with like-minded creators and entrepreneurs so you can share your experiences and get support from other members and be part of an international network of conscious creators who all play a role of receiving and transmitting the new World blueprints to uplift humanity.

BONUS 3: Activation of Trust & Self-confidence

energetic activation to help you remove mental blocks, move beyond your fears and step into your full creative power.


For a limited time only, we offer access to the Lab at a reduced price of $99/month. And you can unsubscribe at anytime.


— 2 new Master activations per month

— 2 new short activations per month

— 1 new sacred geometry light code per month

— Private Visionary support by Maria & Frederic

— BONUS #1: The Quantum Activation Library

— BONUS #2: The Quantum Lab Community

— BONUS #3: Activation of Trust & Self-confidence

Investment: $99/month

what people say

Mobile First

Follow the entire program on your phone through the Quantum Lab app or on a desktop, and download the sessions to listen when you’re offline.

Live Recordings

All sessions are recorded live and will be available inside the app at each New and Full Moon, so you can receive the latest energetic upgrades at the right time.

Direct Support

Ask any questions to Maria and Frederic and get help to go through your blocks with more ease.

if you still have questions

The Quantum Lab is for conscious creators, entrepreneurs and experts who are willing to work with energies and light beings to receive new frequencies and upgrades that will support the development of their beings and their heart-centred projects.

It is also designed to help you release mental or energetic blocks and karmic patterns that may prevent you from accessing higher levels of achievements in your life and your business.

The Quantum Lab is specially designed for people who have projects so they can expand their vision, power and the impact of their creations by accessing an expanded field of consciousness and receiving a wider range of insights to align their business with its highest path of service.

Every project has its own energetic blueprint and through our activations, we can work not only with your being but also with the product(s) of your creation.

Channeling is the practice of entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to share guidance or healing energies from a spiritual guide. During our sessions, we both share healing energies and information through a combination of guided teachings and sound activations. 

A channeled activation is a powerful energetic session that can include information, healing, spiritual teachings and energy transmissions from higher realms. We combine these activations with the healing sound of unique alchemy crystal bowls to provide even more depth to our sessions.

Higher realms are higher dimensions of existence that are invisible to most human beings, unless you have the gift of clairvoyance, which allows you to see through your inner vision what happens on the etheric plane.

Within the higher realms, there are many light beings  whose mission is to share their guidance and healing frequencies through a human “channel”. During our activations, we mostly work with light beings like Ascended Masters, Archangels and beings from different galactic civilizations like Arcturians.

The energetic sessions are audio recorded and available to you inside the app. You can follow our schedule or go at your own pace, as you will receive the same transformative energies from the group and your Soul guides.

The efficiency of a recording is absolutely identical to a live format, online or offline. Energy transmissions are carried out at a quantum level, which allows you to perceive and receive the exact same benefits as if it was a live session.

We also believe that being in the comfort of your home to receive the activation is also highly beneficial as you are not disturbed by external noises and can fully surrender to the process.

You need the Internet, a phone/tablet or computer, and headphones for a better sound experience. You will need to organize a quiet and comfortable space where no one will disturb you during the session. Otherwise, you can continue your normal activities without any restrictions.

You can also download the activations within your app so you can access them offline whenever you need them.

Twice per month, you will receive a new channeled activation that lasts around 40-50 minutes. Then you can follow a short but powerful daily meditation (10-15 minutes). 

Each participant is free to decide how much time to dedicate to these practices. You need to trust your feelings if sometimes you feel called to spend more time on the activations and sometimes less. We suggest to follow our cycles but listen to your own rhythm. We have designed the Quantum Lab to be easy to integrate in a daily routine and as less time-consuming as possible with the maximum results.

No, all our programs are suitable for beginners or advanced practitioners, as working with higher realms is powerful, yet gentle and adaptive to what students need to receive now for their highest good.

The program is accessible through our mobile app which you can download on the app store, google play and also accessible from a desktop if needed.

The recorded audios remains open to you as long as you are subscribed to the Quantum Lab, so that you can repeat activations and go deeper in your energetic work.

We have people from any faith who participate to our sessions. Our work is not associated with any religion and our mission is to help you to connect with higher realms so you can receive the healing energies and guidance directly from the source.


— 2 new Master activations per month

— 2 new short activations per month

— 1 new sacred geometry light code per month

— Private Visionary support by Maria & Frederic

— BONUS #1: The Quantum Activation Library

— BONUS #2: The Quantum Lab Community

— BONUS #3: Activation of Trust & Self-confidence

Investment: $99/month


Check your inbox after applying to make sure our confirmation email doesn’t go to spam


Check your inbox after applying to make sure our confirmation email doesn’t go to spam

The Sacred Woman program is led by the Divine Mother, Master Sananda, Kuthumi, the Teachers of Light, Goddesses Isis, Aphrodite, Kwan-Yin, Gaia,  the Arcturians, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and the angelic realms.


Initiation 1 | Purification of the channel of sacred womanhood
> Energetic and emotional release from old attachments, past relationships, and limiting programs.

Initiation 2 | Activation of the sacral center 
> Alignment of your energy fields and repatterning of your center of power and creativity.

Initiation 3 | Activation of the Earth Goddess template
> Expansion of your sensuality, sexuality, and personal magnetism. Resourcing, feeding, and filling your feminine energy.

Initiation 4 | Integration of the crystals of new consciousness
> Healing of your heart center. Synchronization with the new crystalline energetic structure of Earth.

Initiation 5 | Integration of the key of abundance
> Final healing and alignment of your energy fields. Rebirth and synchronization with your Higher Mission in the earthly plane. Expansion of inner strength and the necessary resources.


— You can’t easily connect with your deep feminine nature and power
— You are looking for ways to go deeper into your self-exploration and inner growth as a woman
— You want to get rid of toxic attachments from past relationships
— You went through therapeutic courses, and worked with psychologists, and healers, but something is missing in your life, you feel a lack of a sense of support
— You don’t feel aligned with your higher mission as a woman on Earth.
— You experience emotional imbalance, lack of vital or sexual energy
— You experience a lack of prosperity and creative energy
— You have a lack of confidence in your talents and abilities
— You want to build more harmonious relationships
You want to activate and expand your spiritual gifts

* If you can see yourself in one or more points, the Sacred Woman program will be a significant stage of transformation for you, working as the necessary key in the transition to a new level of expansion in your life.

Check your email inbox after joining to make sure our confirmation email doesn’t go to spam.

Check your email inbox after joining to make sure our confirmation email doesn’t go to spam.

Check your email inbox after joining to make sure our confirmation email doesn’t go to spam.

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