How to Contact Arcturians?

Learning how to connect with Arcturians can help you access their powerful healing gifts and boundless wisdom.
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How to Contact Arcturians

You can learn to contact Arcturians quite easily through meditation, channeling, or sacred initiations. 

Arcturians are light beings that operate from other dimensions and are excellent healers and “light surgeons,” able to repattern our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies with their powerful healing gifts and provide us with highly advanced knowledge.

Working as a channel and healer for many years now, I have often been in contact with their particular energy, and within our Mystery School, Arcturians guide almost every initiation we share.

In this article, we want to show you how to contact Arcturians easily to accelerate your healing path and spiritual growth.

1. Meditation
How to Contact Arcturians Through Meditation?
2. Channeling
How to Contact Arcturians Through Channeling?
3. Sacred Initiations from Mystery Schools

1. Meditation

Learning to contact Arcturians through meditation is pretty easy with a bit of practice and focus. 

Know that the more often you contact Arcturians through meditation, the wider your channel becomes and the more information and healing energies you can “download” or receive from them.

> If you feel your channel is not opened yet or want to expand it, we suggest you use the sacred geometry code “Channel Opening,” which helps to remove blocks and expand your ability to channel.

Arcturians are the guardians of higher consciousness in our universe, so they are always delighted to help those of us who ask for help and are ready to transform, heal and expand their consciousness.

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Through meditation, you can follow the following process to connect with them. 

How to Contact Arcturians Through Meditation?

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down
  2. If you’re using the sacred geometry code of “Channel Opening,” you may place it in front of your third eye or meditate with it for a few minutes to further activate your channel.
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Take a few deep breaths and let your body and your mind relax
  5. If you feel agitated at this moment, take the time to observe and welcome any thoughts, sensations, or emotions passing by.
  6. Send as much love and gratitude to this movement or agitation that you feel inside; this will help break any negative pattern. 
  7. When finally, your inner sky is clear, and you feel that your mind is balanced and positive, it is an excellent moment to start the process.
  8. From your heart, ask to connect with the Arcturians. You may just intend the following: “I call in the Arcturians to be with me in this moment” or whatever statement works for you. The words don’t matter; as long as the intent is pure and coming from the heart, Arcturians will join you.
  9. Take some time to feel any change in your energy, and notice any sensation, feeling, or emotion that may arise. Arcturians are highly evolved beings, and being in their presence can be easily felt.

Note: Whether you feel, see, or hear something or not during your meditation doesn’t matter. If you call in the Arcturians, they will come to you. The goal is to trust the process even if you can’t feel or see anything. Some people with the gift of clairvoyance will clearly see Arcturians appearing, some may feel a radical change in energy, some might experience different kinds of sensation, and some may feel nothing.

Any reaction is welcome, and none is to be judged. People who don’t see or feel anything tend to doubt the process, and this is a pure test of faith. The more you trust, the more you connect with higher beings and higher consciousness, and the more you start to feel, know and trust what your eyes cannot see.

  1. Welcome the Arcturians with all your heart and gratitude. These are truly great beings always here to serve us, and the more we let them know that they are welcome and cherished for their support, the stronger our connection will be. 
  2. Ask them for whatever support, healing, rebalancing, repatterning you need, or questions you may have.
  3. Take your time to receive and “download” the light codes they will share with you. They can easily dissolve mental blocks or past karma and upgrade our entire being. 
  4. You will feel once you feel that you have received what you need, and this is the time to give your gratitude again for the connection and healing that took place.
  5. You may take a few deep breaths to come back to the sensation of your physical body and take the time to ground the high frequencies you just received.
  6. Drink a lot of water after a powerful healing session with them as they usually clear energetic blocks, which need to be flushed out of our physical body.
How to Contact Arcturians

2. Channeling

Learning how to contact Arcturians through channeling is very useful if you want to anchor their wisdom and healing energies through different mediums.

Some people like to channel words on paper or computer; some like to sing light language, some like to paint, some like to dance… The creative possibilities are endless when your channel is open.

Opening your channel takes practice and dedication. Meditation and healing help to relax, balance the mind and learn to focus. To channel energies or wisdom from other dimensions, you need trust, focus, and mental space, so that you can receive clearly what is being sent to you without interference from the mind and the ego.

The human mind is a great tool to download anything from any entity in our universe if we learn to attune it to the frequencies we want to receive. But most people on Earth are far too agitated to have the mental space required to communicate with beings from other dimensions.

Higher beings gladly share energies and wisdom with whoever asks when the mind has some space.

In the following process, you will learn how to connect with Arcturians to develop your relationship with them.

How to Contact Arcturians

How to Contact Arcturians Through Channeling?

  1. Choose the medium you wish to use to “channel” the information or energies shared by the Arcturians. 

Note: It can be a notebook, a computer, a recording device, a blank canvas, a musical instrument, or any medium you want. I have met people channeling higher beings to capture their energy through pottery, jewelry, dance… I am currently writing this article using this process to channel Arcturians and let them guide me to write this post. How could I be better than them at explaining how to connect with Arcturians? Again, Arcturians want us to connect with them; it is their greatest joy and pleasure to help and see us evolve and connect with 4th and 5th dimension frequencies.

  1. If you’re using the sacred geometry code of “Channel Opening,” you may place it in front of your third eye or meditate with it for a few minutes to further activate your channel.
  2. To start the process of channeling, you may close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and ask to connect with your higher Self.
  3. Then connect with the Earth, Gaia, to ground yourself and your channel.
  4. When you feel ready, calm, and with a relaxed mind, you may call in the Arcturians to join you by saying: “I call in the Arcturians to join me now.” 
  5. Take the time to feel and notice any change in energy
  6. Welcome the Arcturians whether or not you can see or feel them. If you call them in from your heart, they are here, near you; you can be sure of it.

Note: the more you trust, the more your heart is open, the more your channel will be open, and the more clearly these higher beings can communicate with us.

  1. You may ask questions if you have any, or just ask them to guide you through this process

Note: Trust what you receive. You may have doubts about what you’re receiving, whether you’re making it up or not. At the beginning, it is normal. You need to learn to trust and you will receive clearer guidance the more you practice communicating with them. The unfocused mind and the ego easily stand in the way of a clear channeling so it is essential to learn to focus and trust.

  1. When you feel ready to end the session, simply send your deepest gratitude and love back to the Arcturians to thank them for their guidance and show your trust in their support.

3. Sacred Initiations from Mystery Schools

Although it is possible for some of us to have a clear connection with light beings through meditation or channeling when we first start experimenting, it can be a much slower process for others whose channel is not open yet.

Some signs that your channel is not open are an inability to feel, sense, hear, see or intuit when you try to connect with the Arcturians. As said before, with practice, time and trust, the connection will certainly expand.

But if you wish to open your channel wider and faster, you may go through a series of specific healing courses to release wounds or negative patterns that may block your channeling abilities.

Through Mystery School initiations, you can work directly with light beings from the spiritual hierarchy, like Ascended Masters, Archangels, or star beings like Arcturians, to clear and upgrade your being at the deepest levels.

What’s next?

Now that you know how to connect with Arcturians through meditation or channeling, you just need some practice to refine your connection and be able to receive highly transformative frequencies and information from these Galactic beings.

And if you want to accelerate your spiritual growth and learn to work with light beings, explore the training programs from our Mystery School. This is a life-changing adventure.

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