How to Channel Higher Beings?

Channeling Higher Beings is a simple process that can bring incredible Divine blessings into your life, but you must learn how to open your channel efficiently to get the most out of it.
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How to Channel Higher Beings

Learning how to channel higher beings is a gift that can radically transform your life, as it can give you unlimited access to the most powerful healing energies, wisdom, and creativity.

The technique of channeling is relatively easy but the results depend on how clear and focused your mind can be so that you can attune to other dimensions and receive information.

Working as a channel and healer for the last ten years, I have come across all kinds of channels and experimented with many different techniques. I mainly channel higher beings to receive guidance on my path, to receive sacred geometry, or during the sacred initiations we offer with my wife within our Mystery School.

In this article, I give you an overview of the power of channeling, how to unlock and expand your channel, and a precise technique to channel higher beings and other creative ideas you may want to experiment with.

  1. The Art of Channeling 
  2. Channeling Issues
  3. How to Release Blocks to Expand your Channel 
  4. How to Channel Higher Beings Efficiently
  5. Channeling Creatively

1. The Art of Channeling

The first step you need to take if you want to channel higher beings is to open your channel. But first, you need to understand how channeling works so you can improve your capacity to channel.

Channeling is the process of receiving and transmitting information from another source in the Universe. It is useful to know that you can channel anything, from planets to higher beings, crystals, flowers, galactic beings, or any other energy, like “money” for example. 

In Love Money, Money Loves You, the author Sarah Mc Crum has a conversation with the energy of money and the result is brilliant. The book is written by the energy of money and gives a very unusual and powerful approach to understanding this energy properly.

As human beings, we have the capacity to receive a whole range of frequencies through our consciousness. Like a radio, we can attune to specific wavelengths and receive information packages from the ether.

How to Channel Higher Beings

Then just like a bridge, we can share the frequencies and information we receive through our body by speaking, writing, or any other medium we want to use. 

The problem is that to channel effectively, you want your inner channel to be as open and clear as possible, so you can receive a broader range of frequencies, which will bring more precision and power to the information you receive.

2. Channeling Issues

Our channel can be blocked in many ways, and it is usually caused by different kinds of emotional, mental, or spiritual blocks. These blocks are often caused by unconscious wounds that we hold in our energetic field, which make us agitated, tense, and unable to attune to higher frequencies.

So to open your channel, you must clean your inner space first and do the inner work needed to clear your body and mind. The clearer you are, the more focused and sharp your mind will be, and your capacity to receive and transmit information from higher beings or other sources will dramatically increase.

> If you feel your channel is not opened yet or want to expand it, I suggest you use the sacred geometry code “Channel Opening,” which helps remove old karmic wounds that may block your ability to channel freely.

As a professional healer and channel, I have experimented with many healing techniques to test the efficiency of different healing tools. From my experience, I can say that any method that helps you get to the roots of your unconscious wounds will accelerate your healing process and unlock your channel faster and more efficiently.

3. How to Release Blocks to Expand your Channel 

> Emotional Healing

Healing practices that aim to heal the emotional body, like family constellations, are a great way to start with, as they require participants to channel all kinds of energies during the sessions. Family constellations really “clean the pipe,” and you can sometimes discover great channeling abilities after only a few sessions. 

Important note: Just be really aware of the therapist you choose for family constellations. Only select one that is widely recommended as this type of therapy is extremely powerful and brings up a lot of unconscious luggage that only experienced teachers can deal with properly.

> Advanced Spiritual Healing

Another powerful practice that helped me significantly was the sacred initiations I have received from Mystery Schools. 

Mystery Schools have existed since ancient times and have always attracted initiates and mystics who want to work directly with higher beings, like Ascended Masters, Archangels or galactic beings, to fully unlock their Divine gifts and Mission. 

After years of working with higher beings, they have guided us with my wife Maria to create our own Mystery School and share their highly transformative energies and wisdom.

Working with these enlightened beings for healing has two benefits: it is gentle and heals the subtlest and deepest layers of our wounds, which would take years or lifetimes to remove with healing modalities offered by human beings.

Then, once you have done enough inner work, and it is never really finished, you will realize that you have a much broader and clearer channel. This allows you to channel higher beings directly yourself, so you can ask to receive specific healing when you need it.

4. How to Channel Higher Beings Efficiently

Now that you know the importance of deep inner work to clear and expand your channel, you may choose which type of channeling you want to try to connect with Higher Beings. 

It can be spoken channeling when a higher being speaks through you. It may be written channeling or any other type of medium you may want to use, like painting, music, etc.

The beauty of channeling is that once your channel is open, you can channel higher beings in all ways and add tremendous power and healing energies to any creative process.

In order to channel through your voice, you may need a recording device if you want to record what you’re saying, and you can experiment with a friend or a group once you have more confidence in your abilities.

With other types of channeling, you may use a journal, a computer, or some art supplies to imprint the information you receive through the channeling process.

You may follow the following guided meditation if you want to let yourself be guided, or just follow the steps written below.

Here is a simple technique to start experimenting with channeling:

  1. Center yourself by taking a few deep breaths
  2. Set the intention to ground your being down into the center of the Earth 
  3. If you’re using the sacred geometry code of “Channel Opening,” you may place it in front of your third eye or meditate with it for a few minutes to further activate your channel.
  4. Now ask to connect with your Higher Self and up to the Source, also called God or the Creator

Note: Now your channel is well grounded and stabilized by the connection between Earth and Sky.

  1. Take some time to feel this connection and let the energies clear your channel of any agitation you may have at this moment.
  2. For a deeper connection, you may call in Archangel Raphael who is a Master of Truth, and ask him to open your throat chakra wider.
  3. Whenever you feel ready, you may call in a specific higher being that you wish to contact, or simply ask any being of pure light to join you.
  4. If you don’t call upon a specific higher being, you may ask the name of the light being who joins you and any information you find useful.
  5. Now let the information arise through you without judgment. 

Note: In the beginning, you may have some doubts that you are actually channeling but you need to let go of this doubt and trust what comes to you. The deeper your trust, the wider your channel will open, as when the mind gets in the way with its doubts, it creates interferences that make it difficult to attune to higher beings.

  1. You may ask questions to the light being or you may let him talk. Just experiment with what suits you best. 

Note: Each channel is different. Some have complicated processes of channeling with special invocation, prayers of protection, etc. and some make it simple. With experience, you will feel what works best for you and you will be able to create your own ritual to connect with higher beings.

Warning: Channeling a being of light should uplift your energy dramatically, and you should feel quite blissful and elevated emotionally and mentally. If you feel bad, depressed, or with any negative thoughts or emotions, you may need to end the session as you may be connected to an entity that is not of light. Next time, ask specifically to be connected to a being of pure light. If you still don’t feel an uplift, you may have to continue the inner work to clear your being further.

  1. Once the session is over, send your gratitude and love to the higher being that came through you, this way you will deepen your trust and connection with them.
  2. Take some time to ground, to come back to your body, and drink a lot of water. Channeling higher beings requires us to receive extremely high frequencies to attune to these beings who operate from much higher dimensions. In turn, they have to lower their frequencies to attune to the density of our 3rd dimension.
Sacred Geometry by Frederic Hoffmann

5. Channeling Creatively

As we have seen before, channeling is a very flexible process once you get the hang of it. You may experiment with all kinds of mediums to channel higher beings and discover creative opportunities for yourself.

Within our Mystery School, we have seen students opening their gifts of channeling completely and now use their channeling abilities to paint, draw, make jewelry, pottery, music, or dance.

The possibilities are limitless and most of the greatest minds on Earth have sharpened their channeling abilities to tap into the knowledge and inspiration from higher dimensions.

From Rothko to Einstein, Mozart, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Bach to Miro, these masters have created bodies of work that have a Divine feeling, because they knew how to channel Divine information and energies.

Here is an example of some experiment I have done to channel music and light language:

So as you can see, channeling is not some esoteric spiritual practice only for mediums and healers but anyone with some creative goals like artists or entrepreneurs can work to open their channel to receive information and frequencies from higher dimensions to share through their specific craft.

If you are interested to see some great examples of artists who have channeled higher beings, I recommend you to discover the wonderful artbook World Receivers by Karin Althaus, which depicts the inspired work of great channels and artists Hilma Klint, Georgiana Houghton, and Emma Kunz. 

Art by Hilma AF Klint

What’s Next?

Now you know that channeling is a simple process but the most important is the healing part, as you want your channel to work effectively so you must clear it and go through a healing process to be able to receive information and energies from higher beings.

If you feel the call to deepen your practice of channeling and work closely with higher beings, I invite you to explore our different Mystery School programs which have helped hundreds of students to transform their lives and uncover their astounding spiritual gifts.

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