How Powerful is Michael the Archangel?

As human beings, we can access a wide range of gifts and powers when we understand how powerful Michael the Archangel is and how he can help us in our everyday life.
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How Powerful is Michael the Archangel
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How powerful is Michael the Archangel is a question that we often hear, so we want to dedicate this article to outline the great responsibilities and powers of one of the most powerful Archangels.

Archangel Michael, also known as the “Prince of light,” whose name means “who is like god,” has some of the highest roles in the spiritual hierarchy. Leader of all angels and archangels, Master of the first ray of Divine Will, Angel of Death, and the most powerful protector, Archangel Michael doesn’t fear anything or anyone.

Archangel Michael is mainly known for his outstanding courage to confront the forces of darkness and his power of protection and healing.

As a channel myself, connecting with higher beings like Archangels or Ascended Masters through meditation, I have been working with Archangel Michael for years, and I can feel his energy surrounding me at all times during the sacred initiations we offer in our Mystery school, or during challenging times I can go through.

In this article, I describe the main roles of Archangel Michael and how he helps us, humans, to take back our power of Truth and Integrity.

  1. The Roles of Archangel Michael
  2. The Powers of Archangel Michael

1. The Roles of Archangel Michael

Leader of all Angels and Archangels

Since ancient times, Archangel Michael has been said to be the most powerful archangel in the spiritual hierarchy.

He has been chosen to be the master of all angels and archangels, which he guides with his strong will and power. 

Master of the 1st Ray of Divine Will 

There are seven rays of light, also known as rays of consciousness, and each of them represents an aspect of the creator. 

Each ray has a specific color and “qualities” that support the growth of humanity on different levels and is governed by an Ascended Master and an Archangel.

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For example, the first ray of Divine Will is governed by the Ascended Master El Morya and Archangel Michael. 

This is the blue ray of light, and it radiates courage, determination, confidence, strength, bravery, action, boldness, and focus.

The first ray is often said to be the ray that guides the entrepreneurs of the world, the achievers, the ones who don’t fear any battle, like Archangel Michael.

If you wish to strengthen these qualities within yourself, you may invoke Archangel Michael or Master El Morya and the blue ray of Divine Will to ask for support and healing energies.

> Also, we recommend you to check out the “I am Presence” sacred geometry code, which can help you to anchor the true power of your Soul and expand your inner strength, courage, and integrity.

Divine Protector of Earth and all Beings

Archangel Michael is the Divine protector of our planet and all beings on Earth. He is the guardian of people, often seen as a spiritual bodyguard with his blue sword of Truth and his shield.

Archangel Michael is the warrior of light and love, and he always enjoys a good fight against the forces of darkness, in the heavens or deep inside you.

This is why he is such a great healer, as he can cut down any fear, negativity, or toxic energies from your energetic field.

The Angel of Death

Archangel Michael is also called the angel of death as he is known to carry the souls of all the deceased to heaven.

“He weighs souls on his perfectly balanced scales. For this reason, Michael is often depicted holding scales.”[1]

2. The Powers of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, the Protector

Archangel Michael has a great power of protection against negativity or psychic attacks. 

His great power of protection may explain why he was chosen to be the Saint Patron of Police Officers.

Armed with his blue sword and shield, he can cut the cords of toxic energies and attachments that bind you to other people, places, or experiences that may drain you.

Archangel Michael can surround you with his energy to bring you a more profound sense of safety whenever you feel distressed, scared, or negative about your life.

Working with Archangel Michael’s energy can help keep your energy clear, aligned, and protected whenever you need it.

You may also call upon Archangel Michael to protect your loved ones or your children, to offer them protection and this sense of security.

Archangel Michael, the Warrior of Light

Archangel Michael is also famous for his great courage. In much ancient art, he is depicted with his sword slaying a dragon at his feet.

Archangel Michael is not afraid of any darkness or anyone because he is deeply rooted in his Truth and integrity. He knows that no one can win against the power of Truth and Love, which he carries deep within.

His warrior energy inspires us to get things done and to achieve the impossible whenever we doubt ourselves or we have a lack of faith or energy.

Archangel Michael helps us stand in our power as he does and face any challenge or inner demons with trust and faith. He allows us to go beyond our limits and self-imposed blockages if we’re willing to do the work and climb mountains.

> If you want to work further with these energies, I recommend listening to this meditation guided by Archangel Michael to help you reclaim and expand your power.

Archangel Michael, the Healer 

Archangel Michael can also heal our energy from past trauma, karmic wounds, or complex past lives that prevent us from achieving our true potential.

His sword can cut through the cords of fearful attachment with other people or possessions.

What’s Next?

Now that you know how powerful is Michael the Archangel, you may want to learn how to connect with him to receive his guidance and healing in your everyday life.

Explore our Mystery School training in which we take you on a journey to work closely with beings of light, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and many more, to open your Soul gifts and Mission and help you heal deep karmic patterns with the help of these Divine beings.

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