Meet the 10 Most Powerful Female Ascended Masters and Goddesses

Meet 10 of the most powerful female Ascended Masters and Goddesses to learn about their roles and how you can receive their support to ease your daily life.
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Female Ascended Masters and Goddesses

The female Ascended Masters and Goddesses have inspired humanity with their Divine mastery and gifts since ancient times, and in this article, you will meet the most powerful and popular ones. 

Working as a channel and healer, I have worked with many of these Divine beings within the Mystery School we have founded with my wife, as they are always here to provide support and help us expand our Divine qualities.

Anyone can access these Divine beings through prayer, channeling or meditation to receive their blessings and ease our path, and depending on your needs, you will find in this list who you may call upon and how to work with them to fulfill your wishes.

1. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
2. Devi or Shakti, the Great Mother
3. Isis, the High Priestess
4. Kali, the Destroyer
5. Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion
6. Lady Nada, Master of Divine Love
7. Lady Portia, Master of Magic
8. Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance
9. Mary, the Beloved Mother
10. Pallas Athena, the Warrior Goddess


Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Meet one of the most famous Goddesses of all times, Aphrodite, associated with the planet Venus and its energy of beauty, peace, and harmony. 

Since ancient times in Greece, Aphrodite was known for her great beauty and attractiveness. The myth tells us about her love affairs with Ares, the mighty God of war, and Adonis, which have built her reputation for passionate sexuality.

Today, you may call upon Aphrodite to be blessed by her beautiful, sensual, and magnetic energy. She can strengthen long-term relationships and help them stay loving, peaceful, and harmonious by sharing her powerful energy of love. 

As a symbol of the Divine Feminine, Aphrodite also helps women to feel more feminine, graceful, and attractive in their life. She also can help with sexuality by increasing desire and romantic passion. 

Aphrodite is a Goddess of pleasure, deeply connected to the physical senses. She can help us get the most out of our human bodies and sexuality, as she knows that love and conscious sexuality are the fastest way to God.


Shakti, the Divine Mother

Shakti, also named Devi, is known amongst Hindus as the Universal Mother or the Great Mother. 

She is the feminine aspect of God, the Creator, and in the Hindu religion, she is the feminine partner of Lord Shiva, the symbol of the Divine Masculine.

She embodies God’s power and blesses us with her powerful motherly energy. She is also a strong protector, as any mother would be to protect her children.

You may call upon Shakti to feel safe, loved, and nourished with her powerful energy.

The Divine Mother can also help you purify your body and mind and help with any relationship issues.

Female Ascended Masters and Goddesses

Isis, the High Priestess

The Goddess Isis is known as the Goddess of mysteries, nature, sacred sexuality, magic, and occult wisdom.

Queen of the Nile, she is a powerful Moon Goddess, famous for her remarkable powers of transformation, femininity, magic, and healing.

Isis has a strong magnetic energy, being a great master of tantra, she was married to Osiris, and since Ancient times, she has been depicted as a high priestess of Magic.

Isis also has powers of resurrection and manifestation, and she is said to be an underworld Queen due to her capacity to resuscitate and escort the dead.

You may call upon Goddess Isis to access her immense powers of Divine magic and manifestation to unlock the mysteries of life and increase your feminine strength and sexual power, beauty, and magnetism.

With her Divine gifts, Isis can also help to increase your self-esteem, self-confidence, and joy in your everyday life.

Kali, the Ego Destroyer

Kali is a Hindu Goddess and another aspect of Shakti or the Great Mother. She is the Goddess of endings of cycles, change, death, and transformation, so her specific power may not please the most sensitive of us. 

To put it in another way, if you’re looking for the sweet, loving, and gentle energy of Aphrodite, you may not call upon Kali.

In most Hindu art, Kali is depicted with a sword cutting heads, and she often has a necklace made of human heads, a symbol of the ego, which she avidly fights.

Kali is known for her destructive power, and you may call upon her to set you free from fear. She destroys what keeps us small, away from our highest mission and destiny, like a loving mother who can be tough but fair in the interest of her child because she sees the bigger picture.

Learn more about Kali’s powers and how to work with her in this article: Working with Goddess Kali

And if you wish to experience Kali’s power and receive the incredible benefits of her powerful energy, we invite you to listen to this channeled activation that helps you embrace change and new beginnings.

You may also call upon Kali to bring you courage, focus, motivation, determination, and protection, similar to the qualities you may ask from Archangel Michael, the great warrior and protector.

Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion

Goddess Kuan Yin is also an ascended master who has gone through life’s challenges on Earth and mastered the physical plane.

Kuan Yin, whose name means “She who hears prayers,” is one of the most popular deities in the East. She is the Goddess of compassion, mercy, and protection and is always here to help us open our hearts and answer our prayers.

Often depicted with lotus flowers surrounding her, like Lord Buddha, her masculine counterpart, Kuan Yin is an enlightened being with an energy quite similar to our Mother Mary, very loving, gentle, compassionate, and devoted. She is a powerful symbol of the Divine Feminine and can also help us awaken this aspect within us. 

Kuan Yin can also assist us in opening our spiritual gifts and knowledge so we can become enlightened beings, as she became, through the flowering of our compassionate hearts. 

Member of the karmic board with other ascended masters, Kuan Yin, has the power to dissolve karmic patterns to set you free from the karmic wheel.

> A great way to connect with Kuan Yin’s healing energy is to dive into this very special channeled meditation guided by Kuan Yin.

Lady Nada, Master of Divine Love

Lady Nada, also known as Mary Magdalene, is an ascended master ruling the 6th ray of Service and Peace and a higher aspect of the famous Mary Magdalene.

Lady Nada has great healing powers and can use the pink flame of Divine Love to heal, purify, and remove blockages or fears from your soul path.

She is also a member of the karmic board, and you may call upon her to dissolve any karmic debts which prevent you from reaching your highest potential.

As she is so close to Jesus also called Lord Sananda, her twin flame, she is also deeply devoted to sharing the Christ consciousness with humanity and the energy of Divine Love with whoever may invoke her assistance.

Lady Portia, Master of Magic

Lady Portia is an ascended master and the master of the 7th ray of Transmutation, with Saint Germain, her twin flame. 

She is the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity and the keeper of the Sacred Heart flame.

You may call upon Lady Portia for assistance in any work of transformation and magic to develop your psychic or manifestation abilities.

She is a member of the karmic board along with seven other members and can dissolve karmic debts to set you free.

Also known as the keeper of the violet flame, the fire of transmutation, she brings balance and justice where there is a need.

She also teaches humanity how to reach and maintain a state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

Female Ascended Masters and Goddesses

Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance

Lakshmi is a famous Buddhist and Hindu Goddess, wife of Vishnu, and the Moon Goddess of prosperity, abundance, and good fortune, which is why she is so popular.

Her name “Lakshmi” means “goal” or “aim,” and her role is to help you clear energetic blockages on the way to your heart’s desires.

She radiates her great beauty, purity, generosity, and happiness to inspire us to live a fulfilled, happy and prosperous life.

If you wish to work with the energy of Lakshmi through crystals, you may use Aventurine, Malachite, Cornelian, or Citrine, which are powerful stones of personal power and abundance.

Female Ascended Masters and Goddesses

Mary, the Beloved Mother

The Virgin Mary, the wife of Joseph and mother of Jesus, is said to be the Queen of angels and one of the kindest and loving ascended masters.

She is a great miracle maker as she works closely with angels and takes great care of children especially. In this regard, she inspires parents in their parenting decision through her love, wisdom, and intelligence.

She also supports those who help children and the new indigo and crystal children who may need assistance.

You may call upon Mother Mary for any issues you encounter with children, adoption, or fertility, as she can bring all kinds of healing and surround you and your children with a warm blanket of love.

Female Ascended Masters and Goddesses

Pallas Athena, the Warrior Goddess

Pallas Athena is the warrior Goddess of Truth and Wisdom, daughter of Zeus, and as a member of the karmic board, she can dissolve karmic debts to set you free from your battles.

She is the master of the 5th Ray of Truth and Integrity, along with master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael. Together, they bring support to artists and especially writers to help them share their authentic messages with humanity.

Her great warrior energy, courage, and wisdom make Athena a powerful protector against physical or psychic attacks.

As another figure of the Divine Feminine, Pallas Athena inspires women to have inner strength, wisdom, and courage at all times.

Although she is depicted as a true warrior, she only uses the power of wisdom to disarm her enemies and can help you in this way to avoid and resolve conflicts in your life peacefully.

What’s next?

Now that you know which Ascended master or Goddess you can call upon depending on your specific needs, you have a wonderful tool at your disposal to receive healing, inspiration, or guidance from them anytime you need it.

And if you wish to work closely with Ascended Masters and Goddesses to step into a path of deep initiations, I invite you to explore our Mystery School initiations, to start a profound journey of magic and transformation.

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  1. From what I’ve gathered, Mother Mary had not yet ascended at that great meridian of time, when she gave birth to Jesus the Nazarene, and has since ascended where she is known in esoteric circles by her celestial name, the World-Mother, who is also sometimes thought to be equivalent to Gaia (although I am not entirely sure on this last point). She was incarnate for a time as the woman Rukmini Devi Arundale. However, I had placed her as identical with the one known as Devi, listed here as the Universal Mother, Great Mother, and Divine Mother. Could it be that they are distinct, and Rukmini simply took the name of “her mother” so to speak, as a way of honoring her?

    What is your opinion on the equivalence of the World-Mother, most recently having taken the name Rukmini Devi, with the one known as Gaia?

    And their distinction from the Universal, Great, Divine Mother Shakti-Devi?

    Is their shared use of the name Devi a way of one honoring the other?


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